Echo Tension - Echo Verse

Until we all see
Echo - C

No hate will do good
Echo - hood

So my friend stay
Echo - Pray

Question your work and intentions
Echo - Tensions

Mirror yourself 
Echo - Elf 

Face your fears 
Echo - Tears

Not allow them to question you 
Echo - As you


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Meeting The Bar - Echo Verse

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14 kommentarer:

Mary said...

Hate definitely doesn't help in any situation! We have to face our fears...and even our tears. I like your 'echo verse' and thank you for participating!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

One should always question an intention when there is a feel of tension.
Well penned!

Lots of love,

Gabriella said...

"No hate will do good" - I so agree with you. Sometimes the social media frighten me. There seems to be so much hatred. Yet I believe hate begets more hate and solves nothing.

Glenn Buttkus said...

As, of course, love begets love--& the love we take should be equal to the love we make; & I'm not talking hypocritical lip service. Nice echoes, really rocked the prompt.

Shadiatique said...

Mary, Sanaa, Gabriella and Glenn
Thanks for stopping by.. 👍👍

Sumana Roy said...

a lovely echo poem...and wise words :)

brudberg said...

Oh that hate.. It can cause so much pain and fear.. The echo can be a great helper.

Marina Sofia said...

Your poem proves it doesn't have to be long and complicated lines to achieve a brilliant effect through echo verse. I really like what you have done with it. Thought-provoking yet jaunty!

Kathy Reed said...

The echo emphasizes the thought or feeling or used it here in a very smart way on a touch subject.

Toni Spencer said...

Very true - love always trumps hate. The echoes you chose emphasized the message beautifully. thank you for participating and how you will continue.

Anthony Desmond said...

Hatred is a product of fear. Humans in general fear what they don't understand; thus, hatred is born. Nice echos

Kate Mia said...

Fear the father of all stuff hate associated
Tension the stuff of all human fear related
Love the only escape

lynn__ said...

It's a challenge to "mirror yourself" and smile at echo's "elf"! :) Excellent theme and form...well done!

Abhra said...

Facing your fear is the bravest thing to do...nice, I love it.

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