December 31, 2011

The Green Balcony - Thursday Poets Rally Week 59

 The Green Balcony - 

A Heart beating with Love
Laughing and raising his Glass
Heedless of questions of feelings 
Asking only about his journey.

Happy heart took me tirelessly
to build me a green balcony 
Greenness that beats with a song 

A song that touches my sadness
Building in my broken conscience
Fixing in my disturbed intentions
Hiding from me, my bad memories
Then forces my sorrow to flee 
Escape away from me
Only tenderness and solved problems
Stay untouched ... -
To let me again raise my glass
With proud and happiness

Happy New Year everybody.
I hope that the new year brings a smile to you and your loved one's faces. 

© 2010-2011 registered & protected

December 22, 2011

The burdens of meeting - Acceptance <> Forgiveness

That was not the promise 
Mournful prayers are to be send 
above the flames of longing 

If not for some of my tears 
That still draw for me 
"The beautiful YOU"
I would not pray for you 

If not for some nostalgia of kisses
That i still seek in your darkness 
I would not show up like this

The promise in the meetings
should not be like this 

Meeting you on secrets
Speaking to you in whispers 
Hiding our desires from others  
Only seeking our selves 
in the past. 

If not for the few of mercy 
that remains in my broken heart 
I wouldn't follow the wailing path. 

 © 2010-2011

Submitted to dVerse Poets: Meeting the Bar (Contrast) with Victoria C. Slotto registered & protected

December 10, 2011

Family Legacy - Perfect Poet Award Week 57

Lofty, still standing, 
even after the fall of the people 
The bloods and wounds
blinds the eyes of family 
& the wounds in the soul remains.

I knew I would bring courage
back to our Family
It skipped many many generations
before it finely landed on me!

They call me the brave one
I will not hide when there is thunder
I will not shake or go under

My poem: Convince Yourself won Perfect Poet Award Week 57

Thank you Thursday Poets Rally
 I nominate Black Swan Poetry for the next award.
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