October 19, 2011

Harbor Life

The Combination stood, looked how I cry
on the coast of glory alone
and builders of the old buildings
left me, when the Challenge
suffer alone

She stood
We should be ashamed, harbor life,
and enough that shame, we escaped

She was mourning the days
of happiness and glory. 
We are still suffering
from the horror of the nodal

She stood
talking about itself, with a song
the lyrics braked in to our souls,
but we did not run to her
Waited years to come back to her
give her the oldest friendly

Whenever, the Queen returns,
I will work on Qualifying myself
for the completion of the promise
And a present for never land,
No, degradation!

There will never be a fugitive
between us from Covenant,
a not lax in us,
or not lying on challenge time

Almighty of God, bless her
Sublime we haven't seen patience
as her patience,

Do not Grieve... You are free
Will those human-beings
appreciate you ever

You are the safe
it's not in Justice that they inherit you
Thus ... without begging

Wrote these lines for my home country Somalia © 2007

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011

I preferred in my Life ... to forget

all I hear from you is admonition
so NO admonition

Let's not mention the purgatory
Let's not remember Love
I preferred in my life ... to forget

I am tired of pains
I am fed up and in the blind
I miss my days .. where I smiled
I do not go looking for you ... anymore

Just stay in your place
Do not talk to me about your pains
And not tell me about your longings
Do not care about your affairs ... or mistakes
I do not go looking for you ... anymore

Do not reproach
Let's not mention purgatory
Let's not remember Love
I preferred in my Life ... to forget

Have mercy on me from your words
And do not split my heart with your words
I do not hear you moaning ... anymore

Because ...
I do not go looking for you ... anymore
I remember as I gave you my heart
Or as the day I dedicated my Love to you
You promised that you would not hurt me

Oh, How I lived in aspirations of the past
And I was alone ... I cry for myself
Crying the stolen aspirations
I do not go looking for you ... anymore


© 2010-2011

October 10, 2011

Do not make fun

If I decide to throw myself
in to your hell. 
If I just accept the fact
 of you overwhelming me with Love.

Let's say my mind will only follow you
& I would just walk around the world
seeking your passion.
Then I would walk back home in search of you
While every child I walk across calls me creepy

Then ... 
Do not make fun of my pain
Do not afflict my pain
Because what if you one day switch places
What if it happens to you one day
and you feel my pain,
became mad like me.

I would not make fun of your
 I would be pleased by your Love
Would never make fun
of the intensity and madness
of longing

Desire or passion is ...
Like the gardens and silks of the Lord
Created as an award for us,
despite our madness in love.

An old one. I hope you like it. 
© 2010-2011

October 09, 2011

Shining Star

My friend
What if you get tired from the world
And be satisfied with me. 
What if you get interested in me
walked towards me 

My friend
What if it you become satisfied in this world
What if I convict you, that with me you might forget 

My dear, I am ...
unique by nature and no one is like me 
I am like those who have their hearts in their hands
They give away their hearts to whom they like and Love

I am .. as you see me
I walk on the green carpet that is bend like Heaven 
Dancing to the music, that's only to be played in Heaven,
I'm mostly like a picture that been drawn by Angels.

And I am like that star ,
that had captured many astronomers hearts 
But also a star that shines only to one
whose passion and sorrow she dies for  

 I do pray for you 
& ask God to relieve from your heart
He would accept from me.
I do not suspect my heart.

© 2010-2011

October 04, 2011


Standing on a chair 
trying to reach the radio 
Appears angry and in a rush

She reaches the radio
and starts to change between it's channels. 
Then looks at the clock on her hand 
and starts to hit the radio 
while mumbling some ugly words. 

Finely she finds the channel, 
It is the music she likes, 
runs out to call the friends, 
to listen with her.

You ignorant of what you see 
Houses appears dormant 
until the evening. 
Families get together for this 
sound to sing and dance. 

Fantasying, imagining the dresses 
of the female singer and how elegant
 the musicians would look like.

  © 2010-2011

October 02, 2011

A Person

A normal person
Used to have the ability
To invest in love
To discuss relationships
To forget pain 
And to conspire life

This ordinary person
Used to hear a call
That tells about survival

Used to have the euphoria of survival
Could hear complaints from people
And would call for them to stay wherever

Remains of a person
Left with his dreams
He lost his voice.
with his ignorance
and quiescence.

OpenLinkNight at dVerse Poets Pub

© 2010-2011