May 11, 2011

Five minutes

After playing this piece of music
accompanied by my mournful voice.
I decided to travel the world as tourist.

Wherever my destiny takes me
I'll just close my eyes
 and fly over the world!

I'll take some of me
to experience with me,
Some of my quick five minutes
of a dream!

When one is not able
to make anything.
One can dream, and depend
on his share in the world of dreams.
Only from the first glimpse 
I caught a glimpse of your joy
Joy and happiness dancing
with my music

My passionate heart
experienced with you the love
that led to escape 
to close my eyes
to take five minutes
from life
to dream away.

After this piece
wherever my destiny takes me!


© 2010

May 04, 2011


Thank God
I still have the echo of my voice
Allthough my breath is still in flame,
burning for the old nostalgia.

Thank God,
for being only close to the misery
only struggeling
with feelings of boredom
not yet dead of waiting
but only regretting.

Thank God,
I can still convince myself
That there is a meeting
after each farewell.


© 2011