April 30, 2011

A kiss from hell

As the rumor tells us,
There were a village,
known for their high palm trees.

Only well motivated young people
would bother themselfs to climb the trees,
and enjoy the delicious dates.

With the impulsive youths hearts
We can take sheets to cover the trees

To watch the village from above
to watch the old farmer in the fields
While he kisses the wife, a kiss from hell.

© 2010

April 29, 2011

My eyes

With your proud voice
you always tell me,
that you can read in my eyes

You can see my love to you
trough my eyes
And my longing too.
The yearning nights to meet you
are to be found in my eyes!

While the tears of loneliness
Filling my eyes with fear
of losing you!

Can you see,
My dispersed thoughts
Whenever you break up
the limits of my jealousy.
Break the habit,
and show me How
to control the jealousy
that you've costed me.

© 2010