January 25, 2011

The new tomb

A new tomb is on
the verge of completion
of drilling, who's dead?
Some remains of
the remains of victims
from the last battle,
lying there before
being burried.
But the new tomb
is finished who will
they burry today.
Many many victims
died together,
Their bones and blood
are all mixed together.

They were not jurists
or experienced politicans
or preachers,
or ascetics,
or great worshipers
They were citizens
random citizens
their pure blood
are now mixed.
But they only dug
one grave, one tomb
Who's the one,
that will rest in it?
When they were alive
The earth was tight under them
and on their living needs.
They used to share
the worry and stress
their minutes of joy
and years of sadness
Is it possible also
to share one grave now!


January 20, 2011

Festival of Sleep - 2 -

- 2 -
I have nothing left,
but to sleep!
This is not my love
to sleep, and me being lazy.

But to recall your spirit
to rediscover your gentle soul
to see you, only you!
in my dreams

I wish right now, to be visited
by the king of Sleep,
order me to sleep,
See you in the dream

I will dream of you,
lying on the bed of happiness
Lying on the light and serenity.

I did not find that
is the way to in order
to satisfy my instinct
In order to create a better self-
of the spirit of childhood inside me.

Only to see you,
For renewing your photo
And restoration of the huge,
statue of you in my mind.

I would not hide
I try to look at you for
reshaping your look and features
as an intensive look of you
to let me live until tomorrow.

I devised many ways
to revive your picture's
remains in my memory.

That's why,
I rush in to sleep

© 2010
These are the second lines of "Festival of Sleep". 
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I hope you enjoy them.

Submitted for Jingle’s Poetry Potluck

January 19, 2011

Festival of Sleep - 1 -

- 1 -

Here I am,
Getting ready to sleep
And the night did not redressed yet
Calmness shakes me now
Darkness in the place
And all the creations are slept

Well, I finished,
Getting my bed, ready for me
which has long complained about me
The time is not twelve yet
There is still plenty of time.

Then,why would
I hurry in to sleep?!
I do not know!
All I know is that,
I run away to sleep
To feel the calm
To hibernate,
To silence.
Whenever I miss you.

perhaps hurry on,
to see you in my dreams.
In clothes full of snobbery,
love and happiness,
You walk with pride
Of charm
and attraction.

I have nothing left,
but to sleep!

These are the first lines of "Festival of Sleep".
There will be more. Just click on the lable called
"Festival of Sleep". I hope you enjoy them.

January 12, 2011

We Launched groans

behind the limits of reality
I lived with a nice Lover
In an abandoned palace,
near the graves.

In every corner of it,
We buried our memories
And with every window
We launched groans.

In the palace, after years
And the wound still bleeding
The smiles committed suicide
on the doorsteps.
The corridors now
dressed all black!

He left,
Silently with rain or wind
Left after bowing under
The rule of Fate!
Leaving behind
The flowering groves
Yearning to kill me
from suffering only

© 2010

January 09, 2011

To kiss and celebrate.

In their footsteps,
Let's walk with a wobble
We are accompanied by,
The stillness of the night
To deny our existence,
and celebrate.

We are,
in our love and kisses,
The new extremist lovers
We saw dispersion lived
Scattered between
The autumn of our days

who go out of my
balcony every night
To watch the laughter
Of the lovers, while
Walking, kissing
in the parade!

 we can enter into
the religion of lovers,
To rush with them in
their parade,
and celebrate

In their footsteps,
We'll walk with a wobble
to kiss and celebrate.

© 2010