December 23, 2010

Meeting in dreams

When I sleep!
I always find you,
Waiting in my dreams,
To kiss me, where you
prepared for our meeting.

Then I turn from you
While rolling in the bed
Feeling the tears
That wet my pillow.

It bothers me
That you still belong to
my universe.
Your main concern
is to be my illusions!

My tears rejects the oppression
And sadness in dreams
Your injustice in my dreams
visit me, make me cry
And your proud smile
Shows your real YOU!

I need to burry you for a few moment
This distress, and all your tyranny
of the mighty rebel of yous, let't
Stay away from me!

Give me place to research
Freedom in my heart
To lift the injustice
on my shoulders.


© 23.12.2010

December 16, 2010


Where would I go?
I'm near my old happiness
That now are under the earth,

Oh, come to me
And hear my story

They all hurt me,
And took from between my hands,
All my life and my happiness!

© 2010

December 01, 2010

Before the Daybreak, I know-how

Before the Daybreak,
I know-how
With his large hand,
And his strong fingers
Was he warming
my whole hand!

I could feel the cracking lines
 on the edge of his fingers
They were so fissured

He was with his hand, warming me,
from the cold of the morning
my Papa!

The sun was not yet up
And we could only hear
 the Rooster crow alone
I know,
it is like any other morning

Papa, If I did not see
 the morning before
If I did not hear
the crowing before
I would be astonished

Walking between the old trees
Carrying your old leather valise
Wearing mama's shirt, feeling her
soul when knitting my shirt

Well, I am jiggered
While watching you
 build my future
like you wanted yours,

I'll be astonished
With amazement
and Wonder
I always watch the Sunrise

© 2010