November 24, 2010

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November 23, 2010

Patience my heart

Do you wonder after all
 this absence and Longing
That I may have forgot you
Or may not even see you
in my dreams!

Do you think
That this sadness
is from me. Oh, no!

Wondering if,
Have I abandoned you
Or if I have forced you in love.

Do you think,
I may betray my only
covenant, Oh, no!
Patience my heart,
I've been hit by the choice
of life, I think that life,
may have giving my share
to someone else!
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Jingle Poetry
These words are a very simple gift to JINGLE.

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November 22, 2010

Grandfather's Legacy

My Grandfather
 lived on a dream
Through that dream,
he lived for ages.

My Grandfather died,
while waiting and waiting!

For that day,
which achieving his dream
which he finely will receive
God's rospons.

He died and his dream
of riding the old mule
to pass the deserts
and cross the plains
and plateaus
and trees.

Then have to rest
Under the shades of the trees
And at each river
He drinks water and eats
a dry bread with dates.

My grandfather died, without
having achieved his dream

He left me his dream
of riding the old mule
to pass the deserts
and cross the plains
and plateaus
and trees.

What a legacy!

Shared for One Shot Wednesday at the One Stop Poetry blog.
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November 17, 2010

I am suffocated of your smile

Do not smile
Whenever you smile
the more narrowed my life becomes

Is this how you made them,
know about our love,
Do you not know,
there is no home for our love.

You are pure
And have a new sense of

You have a beautiful soul.
Always in your pocket
There is stories of lovers
and your always ready
to tell me about them
And how they lived,
in dreams.

I am not like you
So do not smile!

I am suffocated of your smile
I loved it before, but now
It cause me strangulation
And a serious concern, about us.

So that is how I hide my love
 I always hide it from them
From theire Black Hearts

They want to see us parting
They always doubt the
purity of our love.

Why are you like that
Not protecting our love
always telling them about our love

Why don't you cover up
the light of our life
Until all the lights safely,
lights only to us.

Why do you smile,
When they complain
Whenever envy they show us -
Whenever enlighten your smile become.

© 2010

November 16, 2010


When the sun of my
 words goes down
 I do not see a path
for my words
other than silence!

While my eyes
every day eager,
after your aroma,
and you no longer you
While my hurt wings
screams out the longings
and nostalgic to you,
without making a voice!

Almost tearing up
thousands of questions
Why did I fall
in Love, and what
have I gained
 to you?

Do you think that
you betrayed me
and forgot all
our old promises
you might forgot
 and sold.

Or that your heart
may have found another
Just like what I've been told!

© 2010

November 10, 2010

Heart Lost

Heart Lost
Heart unsteady finds his way
Heedless of this, or this

Walking and falter in the walk
Stops, looks around!

Looking for something
Stops often, Seen both seen
Sometimes sings
And sometimes, silent!

Apparently troubled
Looking for the old harmony

The secret tears comes out
Walking, and falter in the walk
Sometimes sings
And sometimes makes a voice!

 Written By S. Sharp
© 2007

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November 02, 2010


How many Faithful,
had been betrayed
by his always faithful mate

How many freinds recieved
from freinds affection.
many bitter and unhappy days.

World of feelings
have grim face today
and the old oasis of emotions
have withered features

How we suffer in loss
and sacrifice the precious ones
to save the old freindliness
No many freinds do sacrifice.

What is kinder than them
Accompanied them for ages
talked to them for a period
I could not find a more Delicious

But -,
The other ones, stick around
with mirage in their sensation.
Always rebellious in their feelings
And harsh with their behavior.
They never sacrifice for you.
They just stick around
to see your fall in the next round.

© 2010

Unsteady and so Fickle

Unsteady , and so Fickle
Changing whenever he wants
Without any problems.

Everything in him is so Shaky
and fluky -There is always
 too much of "him" in him
That makes him so variable
Unsteady even when we dance.

His ways of rushing
into life, makes him very impulsive
no regrets, nothing can stop him
He can force me to be like him
impulsive and mutable

Among others expectations
we still go on and on!
No harm would he ever cost me

Just confusing days and situations
I'm casual, but he is spontaneous
I would not match his glib
and point of views.

© 2010