October 29, 2010


While appearing busy to the max
While I sway to left and right
Preparing to send again
Messages of a dreamer to the sky
Building between the clouds
New days of happiness
When suddently my messages
turns back to me, without
affecting any!
My messages goes back to me
and I'm silent on my seat - despondent
Always dreaming in a dream
I fall of the sky as a result of daydreaming

And the falling dream, twists back
To float on the lake of memories,
To disappear, dream after a dream. 

My dreams goes back, in despair
Everyday after revealing a secret
That's unable to remain

Your name, in the pages of the sky
Your name, in the pages of the sky
is inscribed above the clouds
Leave from above,
in care to me.

 © 2010

October 21, 2010


Fall from our martyr
We have seen how he fell ... From afar
Fell to the ground martyr, Fell smiling ...
Was Happy, he fell Smiling ...
Thank God
Received the certificate ... Got happiness
His house got high ... Certificate
Thank God
Fell closed to us, Carried him on our shoulders
Seen from afar ... Was Happy he fell Smiling ...
Thank God
In the name of God, he fought ...
And Allahu Akbar... he fell smiling
He remembered the God very much
Fought in his process often
Frequently asked God
Oh God certificate
We saw after him awarded
Was Happy
Found what he wanted
Fell to the ground martyr
Referred him to the Supreme ... For awards
God, we count him with martyrs
Your slave does it...
Coming to you "Martyr" Stained with blood
Suggestive of verses, and smiling ... Happiness

 © 2007

October 17, 2010

Moments of happiness

From afar appeared
The Sun of thanklessness
And there from afar he stood 
stricken, injured by motionlessness
Thirsted after the waters of paradise
Seeking the silk dress of paradise
He once told me
with eyes full of misery
That moments of happiness
Always tense his nerves
Troubles his disturbed conscience
Smiles and giggles of others
always exhausted his good intentions
He never envied joys of others
Maybe a small suggestion to be jealous
The dances with hugs  
Given and taken tenderness
Fresh water, From a nearby river
Was the last seen moments of happiness


© 2010

October 13, 2010

My mesmeric melody

How mesmeric is my melody
When I, as usually
Hide in the corner
Full of purity and modesty
After I lit the lanterns around me
where I play in my flute
Quietly and in harmony
All of sudden
You return in my memories
and all the old melancholy
catching you up in torpidity
Until I be betrayed
by all my expectations
with your old arrogance
you walk towards me
Would he say -
Now he walks on thorns,
and wants repent 
between my hands, wants he?
All of sudden
I continued to play

Abundance of tears
Rejects your return
My mesmeric melody
Enhances from my position

© 2010


October 07, 2010

O, solicitous ... O, joyless

O, my dear ... you seem
 so concerned ...  joyless

Your always in tribulations
They told me your in distress
 Lost in your imaginations

Here I am ...
knocking at your door
Standing in front of you
Locking you out of your frustrations
Asking you a question
What shakes your existence
 ... again? 

Let not alone hast
Toss out your pain
And not carry alone your sorrows

Honor to me ..
If you release of you

And forget ...
The ungrateful ... denier
The reason of your grief

© 2010